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styleadvice's Journal

Post Your Styles for Advice
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Purpose of Community:
Because best friends lie, the purpose of this community is to help fashionistas and wannabes learn how to put together stunning outfits.
Post clothing styles to recieve feedback in the form of friendly, constructive criticism.

Types of Posts Allowed:
Any and everything is allowed regardless of mod's personal style. Following the trends is fun but not necessary to post here. 'What should I wear with this?'; 'How do I wear this?'; and 'How do I match?' posts are welcome. You can also post single items of clothing or jewerly for advice on what to wear with them.

The outfit you post dosen't have to be what your wore that day. It can be a prom dress, a halloween outfit, or even a bathing suit. Sweats and Hoodies are discouraged but post them if you like.

Also, you don't need to be tall, tan, thin, or have a lot of cash. All fashion lovers are encouraged to post!

The 10 StyleAdvice Commandments:

1. Post at least one picture.

2. Post the usual teaser and put the rest under a cut.

3. Let us know where and when you got your outfit.

4. Keep your comments helpful and constructive.

5. If you don't like it give a reason why.

6. Give suggestions to improve.

7. No Drama.

8. No personal insults. Stay on topic.

9. Respect eachother's personal style.

10.Keep it fun!

All questions and concerns will be promptly addressed. You contact the mod by email or you can leave a comment in the first post.

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