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Do you think a basic leopard print skirt could work with red shoes?

I'm actually thinking a leopard print skirt and red converse....or shoud i stick with the black?

friday night

what i wore to a small party at a friend's to get my drink on.

sorry about my lame pose. 

dress: sirens
necklace: my mom's
headband: ardenes
shoes: payless



My boyfriend's best friend is getting married next month and I need some help with what to wear. It's a night wedding and I want to wear black. I want to look classy without being boring so I need some advice.

I found this dress at Torrid (not a store I usually shop at so it's a rare find). I really kind of like it but I'm not sure if it's worth the money or if it's even cute. 


That's it. Help me out! I have a similar body to the girl in that picture but I am shorter than she is. If you do like it, tell me what I can do to spiff it up a bit (jewelry, shoes, etc). Thanks!!



Don't you guys hate when real life comes and bites you in the butt? I got my hair cut ... like two weeks ago! Let me show you guys the pictures ... sorry it took so long!

my new hairCollapse )


someone else post!

why does no one ever post anything?
i feel bad for posting the most lol.

what i wore today:

May. 10th, 2007

i feel bad for posting so often, haha.  but here's what i wore today.
again, it was to hand out resumes and then chill at a friend's.  also very hot out again.

i realize this style skirt isn't really "in" right now, but i still like it and i was hoping i could make it look nice enough that it would be okay.  y/n?



ok! On saturday I'm getting my hair cut. I'm thinking something above the shoulder. I'm posting some pictures of my so you can see my face shape. I am NOT posting it above the cut ... cause I'm not wearing any makeup and haven't done my hair ... so don't judge me.

don't judge me! it's 11:11 pm and I went to the gym earlier!Collapse )

also, who gave the v-gift? It says anonymous! Well whoever it was thank you! Also I'm going to come up with a tag scheme so we can organize memories and make them searchable!

What type/color of shoes should I wear with this for a casual day out? I kinda want a bright color to brighten up the dress a bit. Also, what type of accessories? Thanks in advance :)

OH and it would be nice if the shoes or whatever are on urbanoutfitters.com :D


May. 8th, 2007

hottest day so far this spring today.
i went to hand out a few resumes at the mall, then to a friend's to watch a movie.

my face looked stupid.  and ignore my lame pose.


pack up your things!

It's spring almost summer and I thought I'd ask you guys a question. What do you do with your winter clothing? I have a ton of sweaters and stuff, I've never been a big 'storage' person but now I'm thinking maybe if I box up these sweaters I could go out and buy some super cute summer tops! So what do you guys do with your winter gear?